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Avslutad Favre-Leuba Bivouac - new pics :)

Diskussion i 'Handla - Säljes, bytes' startad av jankoxxx, 26 september 2016.

  1. jankoxxx

    jankoxxx Stormtrooper

    Hey guys :)

    I have here something that does not come too often for sale. It is the first generation of the Bivouac model. The typical features of the 1st generation are that they had no second hand (later generations had a small sub-second hand), and a different case back design. Also please note that the first run featured a brass bezel. The barometer in this piece seems to be OK, I did the sealed baggie test and the BARO hand was moving :)
    The handwound movement seems to be working fine but note that I have no clue whatsoever when this was serviced last.. I can check the accuracy on request of course :)
    The case is worn but not battered and the same goes for the bezel which is good :) But there is one thing that definitely needs attention if somebody intends to wear this watch. The glass is not glued in properly and you are actually able to remove it together with the bezel and access the dial. Now obviously this is not normal and needs to be fixed..
    The watch is big for its age at about 40mm and quite tall due to the barometer mechanism.. So quite present on the wrist. All in all a nice vintage piece that needs a little TLC :)
    There is no paperwork or box. The watch will come on a new shell cordovan strap.
    I will set the trade/sale price at 1800 eur / 17500 SEK. Reasonable offers will be considered. Tradewise I got nothing specific in mind. Just try me.. No returns unless grossly misrepresented..

    I will put up better pictures together with the strap tomorrow.


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