Nymans Ur 1851

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Du har väl inte missat KS julfest?

Den årliga julfesten planeras för fullt, och går av stapeln den 13/1 kl 18:00 i Stockholm.

Hoppas att vi ses där!

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Någon som läst tråden.....

Diskussion i 'Vintage' startad av Davvan, 22 oktober 2014.

  1. Davvan

    Davvan C-3PO

    Fettefleur...... Bob Ridley på vintagedelen på TRF?

    Kom halvvägs.....sedan åkte jag ut och har tydligen inte access till tråden längre?? Flyttad verkar det som.....hittar den inte igen....

    Övriga trådar går att läsa dock....

    Det jag han läsa var ju inte direkt muntert!!
  2. _jonte

    _jonte AT-AT driver

  3. David

    David Bödeln


    Har hittills bara läst bra saker om Bob, men aldrig använt honom själv.
  4. falten

    falten Y-Wing pilot

    Ouch:( kanske lite väl ingående på dess anställdas privata situationer..
  5. Marckus

    Marckus AT-ST driver

    Mycket som verkar ha gått fel....Trist... Någon här som använt sig av Bob?
  6. Flat-Eric

    Flat-Eric Shmi Skywalker-Lars

    Går inte att läsa längre
  7. Aurum

    Aurum Jag är så arg, så väldigt arg!


    If you have a watch with Bob Ridley, Watchmakers International

    Bob's company, Watchmakers International. Is facing significant financial difficulties. The IRS has filed Federal Liens of $70,000 against the corporation for unpaid tax deposits. Texas has suspended the company's incorporation for failure to pay state sales taxes. Additionally, the IRS soon intends to place additional liens against Bob personally, likely $50,000. He is in the divorce process. I believe these factors could produce complications or delays in the return of your property.
    The watches on site are not – and have never been – insured. There is a large safe with no security system. I apologise for stating this publicly – but you are entitled to know about the safety of your watch.
    The primary producing watchmakers at WI have been Bob's adult sons – Nathan and Phillip. Both have their father's mechanical inclination, but neither are certified past watch school. Rolex requires all independents to be CW21 rated (or equivalent), and since they do not meet the qualifications, WI attributes all the work to Bob. But Bob services fewer than 25% of the Rolex sent to WI. Since 2011, if you sent a 1500 series caliber or higher (3000+), it probably wasn't serviced by Bob, regardless of the watch's value or what you were told. This is true for Panerai and Daytona, even PN.
    From 2011 -13, Bob allowed both sons to work on watches while they were high on marijuana or OxyContin - not occasionally but often to habitually. They were given the safe combination. Nathan left the company in 2013. Phillip spent 8 months at a Substance Abuse Felony Program before returning to WI, where he currently services most WI Rolex watches and is drug-free.
    Turnaround time is better, but with increased error and come backs. Bob now has Type II Diabetes. His 2014 "come back" rates are 73% within 3 months of shipping. Recent shop errors have been significant, including damage to a 1680 when the newly repaired bracelet fell of the client's hand, 3 untouched cases inadvertently polished despite clear instructions to the contrary, and an all-original meters-first watch with hands damaged (then faked and returned to client).
    I worked at WI for four years; the above statements are factual, verifiable, and not exaggerated. These have been the overall conditions at WI which we diligently whitewashed or blatantly lied about in order to stay in business. By policy we also lied about the constant causes for delays, mistakes, phone disconnection, etc. I unequivocally apologize for my part in this.
    My experience is that many of the watches sent to WI have excellent results, which meet clients' eventual expectations. But clients pay for Bob Ridley – and don't get him. They pay for "spa treatment" in a safe environment – and don't get it. They pay for superlative customer service – and don't get it. The exchange isn't honest.
    I'm sorry this needed to be written. We should have done better – intended to do better – but it was a slippery slope. Bob and I have parted ways – not amicably. So I'm a disgruntled ex-employee, and he's an exposed employer – but in the sum, the facts will speak for themselves.
    Barbara Piazza
    ErikGBG och Flat-Eric gillar detta.