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Diskussion i 'Diskussion' startad av noeLLY, 25 juli 2016.

  1. noeLLY

    noeLLY Y-Wing pilot

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  2. ironcastle

    ironcastle AT-ST driver

    Söder om Stan
    Go Cousins!
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  3. Renstroom

    Renstroom Stormtrooper

    Definitivt för, vi som bor i mindre städer där det är långt till åf behöver valmöjligheter! :)
  4. alexndr

    alexndr AT-ST driver

    Även viktigt för oss hobbyskruvare. Skall vi förpassas till scrap movements på en smutsig eBay- gata för gott?
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  5. stelah

    stelah Tie Fighter pilot

    Det är grymt bra. Monopol eller oligopol skapar en brist i konkurrensen och det är den konkurrensen som får hjulen att snurra och vi kunder får njuta av mångfald.
  6. yonsson

    yonsson Kikuchiyo Moderator

    En del i att kvalitetssäkra märket. Tråkigt såklart, speciellt med tanke på att det funnits sjukt bra tillgång till delar från just Omega.
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  7. rillesnille

    rillesnille AT-ST driver

    Var det inte Kia eller något bilmärke som åkte på detta i domstol(monopol osv, konkurrenslagstiftning) för nåt/några år sen, att garantin inte gällde om man inte servade bilen på Kia-verkstad? Är väl dem som har 75 tusen års garanti, Kia...
    Samma borde kanske gälla klockor...
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  8. Crispie

    Crispie Rebel soldier

    Positiva nyheter i uppdatering av detta ärende i mejl från Cousins:

    "I am once again pleased to give you another positive update on the action brought against Cousins by Swatch in the Bern Court.

    When our Swiss lawyers studied the claim Swatch made, they formed an opinion that Swiss law does not allow such a case to be dragged to Switzerland, and that the real reasons Swatch had made the claim were to try and intimidate us, to drain our resources, and to delay things for as long as possible. We are optimistic that the Bern Court will take a very dim view of such legal tactics.

    In our response to the Court, we detailed all the arguments that support this opinion, and requested a ruling from the Judge that he suspend hearing the full case until he had decided whether or not the case was admissible at all. Logic dictates that it makes no sense to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on legal fees, and days of court time arguing about EU Competition Law, only to find out afterwards that the whole case was not admissible.

    On receipt of our request, the Judge forwarded our arguments to Swatch and asked for their response. Unsurprisingly, Swatch did not agree with our challenge, dismissed it out of hand, and requested that the Judge give us very limited time to present our response to the entire case.

    However it seems that our arguments about the legitimacy of Swatch’s actions are well enough founded and need to be considered, because the Judge has now issued an order in line with our request, and against Swatch’s preferred procedure. This order greatly simplifies and speeds up matters. In my opinion, this decision clearly shows that the Bern Court does not hesitate when it comes to ensuring that the rules are followed fairly, and to further ensure that the minnows have a genuine opportunity to defend themselves when attacked by the whales. I am grateful to the Judge for his actions in this regard.

    The practical upshot of all this is that we will get a much quicker decision from the Swiss court on where the full case will be held. If our points of procedural law win the day, then ultimately the case will return to the English courts where it will be considerably easier to argue a matter of English and EU law. If the Swiss Court does not agree with our arguments, then we will have the more difficult option of arguing the matter in a foreign language some 600 miles away from home.

    What Swatch should by now have learned from all this, is that whatever legal tactics they employ, Cousins resolve remains as strong as ever when it comes to obtaining a ruling that their parts embargo breaches English and EU competition law. We continue do everything we can to support our trade customers in their efforts to provide the end consumer with quality services at a fair price.

    Kind regards

    Anthony Cousins"
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  9. Jimpa

    Jimpa Y-Wing pilot

    Stort endå. Snacka om att ta kampen.
  10. nissehult

    nissehult Tie Fighter pilot

    Tack för uppdateringen. Kämpa på Cousins.
  11. Erik1

    Erik1 Tie Fighter pilot

    Har inte Rolex haft begränsad tillgång på delar sedan länge? Hur kommer de (Rolex) runt lagstiftningen?
  12. nissehult

    nissehult Tie Fighter pilot

    Skillnaden är väl att ETA/Swatch har en sådan dominerande ställning på marknaden.
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  13. yslow

    yslow Ewok

    Lite OT, men när vi ändå pratar om hur bra Cousins är:

    Försökte lägga en beställning på lite verktyg i fredags kväll, men av någon anledning ville de inte acceptera mitt kort. Tänkte först att det var något problem med att banken spärrat utlandsköp eller dylikt, men orkade inte riktigt ta tag i det då, så jag lät det vara till en annan dag.

    Tidigt måndag morgon får jag detta i mail från Cousins:

    Snacka om underbar kundservice!
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  14. Crispie

    Crispie Rebel soldier

    Fått nytt mail från Cousins med ny information. Ärendet harvar vidare.

    "Many of you have asked for an update on the progress of the law suit that Swatch have brought against us in the Swiss courts. You will recall that we followed the required legal process of writing a letter advising Swatch that we would be taking the matter to the High Court in London if they refused to resupply us with parts. In response, they have attempted to prevent the English courts from hearing the case by launching pre-emptive action against us in Bern.

    Our Swiss lawyers responded to their claim by pointing out to the court several reasons why this case was not admissible, and were successful in arguing (against Swatch’s wishes) that this issue should be decided by the judge before any arguments about the legality of parts restrictions are heard. I can now advise you that all submissions on these points of jurisdiction and admissibility have now been made to the court, and the Judge has advised that he will deliver his verdict shortly. We hope that this will be within the next six to ten weeks.

    If the Swiss courts agree that the Swatch claim against us is not admissible, then we will begin the process of asking the High Court in London to hear the matter, and give a binding decision on whether or not Swatch’s refusal to supply spares is an abuse of their dominant market position.

    We will update again on this process when the decision comes in from the judge in Bern.

    Kind Regards

    Anthony Cousins"
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  15. nissehult

    nissehult Tie Fighter pilot

    Kommer Brexit påverka den här processen på något sätt tror ni?
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