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A Dane in need of help!

Diskussion i 'Diskussion' startad av FrederikSleb, 28 mars 2016.

  1. FrederikSleb

    FrederikSleb Ewok

    I know that this i a strange request, but i have been looking for a Georg Jensen Koppel 317 in good condition for quite som time now, and i have finally found it! The only problem is, that is it at tradera, which means i cannot contact the seller, as a swedish social security number is required.
    So i ask you, if anyone could help me get in contact with the seller? :)

    Thank you in advance!
  2. FrederikSleb

    FrederikSleb Ewok

    As i have trouble understanding swedish i thought you have problems with danish as well, so i thought english would be preferable for me to write in :)
  3. Mattias J

    Mattias J Rebel soldier

    You don't have to be Swedish to be a member. You can be danish to.
    If you look at the "bli medlem" page you can see under the registration boxes that there is a link to click if you're not Swedish. Marked with red below. If that doesn't work I can help you.
    jabla, FrederikSleb och flugan gillar detta.
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