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I 2017 års första avsnitt av Klocksnack - tillsammans med Nymans Ur 1851 pratar vi SIHH och Basel!
Det och ett enormt namedroppande av nya och gamla klockmodeller.

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English speakers

Diskussion i 'Diskussion' startad av Premiumwatches24, 5 oktober 2016.

  1. Premiumwatches24

    Premiumwatches24 Ewok

    Helsinki, Finland
    Hello everyone!
    Im Premiumwatches24 and I have no idea what you guys talking here about in Swedish;) But I believe that there are some English speaking people who can help me figure out how to manage this forum, and especially how to sell and buy among all the Swedish speaking people here:) I am looking for answes to questions such as how do you guys deal with miscommunication, currency questions and others. I am really looking forward to some help, so I appreciate any hints provided.

    Thank you in advance, guys.
    Also feel fee to add me in contacts for the following communications;)
  2. yonsson

    yonsson Kikuchiyo Kobra Kai

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