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Avslutad Devon Tread 1F

Diskussion i 'Handla - Säljes, bytes' startad av SamiA, 28 juni 2016.

  1. SamiA

    SamiA Kellokonttori Forumsponsor

    Helsinki, Finland
    I have to say that these days I'm pretty hard to impress when it comes to receiving new watches. Well, this time was completely different. I usually don't write stories to these FS ads but this time I'm compelled to say that I'm really impressed with this Devon. It feels excellent on the wrist - especially given it's such a large watch. Quality feels excellent and watching the belts do their thing is something that needs to be experienced to really appreciate what's going on with the watch. If you're looking for a sports Rolex, you don't want this. If you're looking for something different that makes you smile every single time you turn the watch on or just look at it in a meeting, this is for you. Oh, you also can't be shy. This is a striking watch and it will make you talk to strangers.
    Retails for $20000.

    Price: 9500 € / 90000 SEK delivered. Trades up or down are welcome.

    t: +358 40 736 2001

    Should the buyer claim that the watch was misrepresented, reclamation for full refund must be done on the day of delivery. Condition must be as the watch was sold in. All images are archived.
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