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Melbourne-någon KSare som befinner sig här?

Diskussion i 'Diskussion' startad av ErikGBG, 10 november 2015.

  1. ErikGBG

    ErikGBG X-Wing Pilot

    Sugen på att dricka öl och snacka klockor. Någon som bor här eller är på genomresa
    Eller kanske känner till några bra klock hot spots!
    jabla gillar detta.
  2. jabla

    jabla Sarlacc

    Nyfiken på om du fick med dig någon surfklocka. :)

    @Darren Cal.11/12 är en trevlig klocksamlare från Australien och insnöad på Heuer. Han kanske har några tips.
  3. ErikGBG

    ErikGBG X-Wing Pilot

    Struntade i det och bränner nog allt på vintage istället :)
    jabla och Icaras gillar detta.
  4. Darren Cal.11/12

    Darren Cal.11/12 Stormtrooper

    Melbourne born & bred but to be fair its quite some time since i've lived there, i'm based in Copenhagen now.

    Depends what you're looking for Erik ??? Forget loppis market lucky finds , everyone googles everything down these days to know what they are looking at. You'd be incredibly lucky to find a bargain.
    If you're after new watches then the city center has every brand with Authorised Dealers you're after.
    Airport is a little more limited for choice. Do your research into your preferred brand & then purchase not too long before leaving Australia. With your receipts in hand you can get refunded the sales tax but it can take up to 4 weeks to receive the funds.

    My local vintage watch shop has a basic offering of watches - mostly 3 hand Omega's from the 50's & very rarely ever any chronographs. Never Heuer.
    Owner is a passionate clock maker/ collector. ( focus upon clocks, not watches )
    It took me some time to build a frienship talking about my own passion ( Heuer ) before he opened up to me but he's an interesting grumpy old man :rolleyes:

    Hope thats helped you - Darren
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