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Tillbakadragen Omega SMP chronograph ref 2297.80.00

Diskussion i 'Handla - Säljes, bytes' startad av klockodile, 10 november 2015.

  1. klockodile

    klockodile Dundee

    Saxat från utrikesannonsen. PM:a om det är något som är oklart. :)

    I've slowly had to realise that this one has to go, unfortunately.

    Serviced on the warranty by Omega via a Swedish AD in juli 2014. Warranty card stamped in december 2013!!
    Originally purchased as NOS from a Spanish AD in 2013.

    I really love the impressions this one gives you. Tool and bling in one package. Sturdy and yet over the top in a very likeable way.

    Very good condition, only swirls from careful usage. Mostly on clasp and the gold inlay of the bezel, I think they will buff out easily if you'd like to refinish. Nothing deep but not a safe queen. Never polished. Sharp lines.

    Dial is very good and the indices have started to fade into a creamy yellow, together with the hour and minute hands.

    Crown operates perfectly well with around 3 turns to lock it.

    The bracelet is at it's maximum and fits my 18,5 cm wrist, the short bracelet has been an issue with these models and one full link for further extension will cost you around £150 from Omega.

    Timekeeping performance is within COSC limits.
    Chronograph works and resets flawlessly.

    The original gray "leather" box has started to fall into pieces, as it should by Omega standards for these boxes, but all documentation is present and an Omega service case as well...



    More pics available upon request from a serious buyer.
    Pricing this at 25500 SEK incl shipping within Sweden.
    Retur om du inte är nöjd inom 48h. Returfrakten betalas av köparen.
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