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Avslutad Some used Horween Shell Cordovan straps

Diskussion i 'Handla - Säljes, bytes' startad av jankoxxx, 5 mars 2014.

  1. jankoxxx

    jankoxxx Stormtrooper

    Hey guys,
    I got here a few straps which have been used by me - I just have too many to wear right now...

    1, Black Shell Cordovan in 20mm. About 26cm long and pretty thin - just about 1mm. Black stitching and matte SS hardware. Fairly used but I think it still has some good life in it.. I would recommend it for lighter watches only. Price - 30 25 15 EUR SOLD

    2, Cigar brown Shell Cordovan in 20mm. About 22,5cm long. About 1,2mm thin. Edges are painted black with some wear to the black coating. Light brown stitching. SS buckle like on NATO strap. This strap was made to fit my wrist so it will fit a wrist of about 16-17,5cm. It was worn but still in fairly good condition. Price - 35 EUR SOLD

    3, Cigar brown Shell Cordovan in 20/16mm. Strap is 11+7,5cm long and about 1,7mm thick. The bund pad dimensions are 8,7x4,5cm and 5,5cm between the leather keepers. Edges are black and stitching is light brown. Again, this strap was worn so there is some wear and cracking on the black eges and scuff marks here and there. I can include a buckle at cost. Price - 65 60 EUR SOLD

    4, Cigar brown Shell Cordovan in 20mm. 24cm long and about 1mm thin. Black stitching. Black edges. The strap was mainly used for photographing so there is not much wear to it. I can include a buckle at cost. Price 44 40 35 EUR SOLD

    5, Navy blue Shell Cordovan in 18/16mm. 10,5+7cm long (SMALL!) and about 1,5mm in thickness. Black edges with some light wear and light brown stitching. 1 floating and one fixed keeper in Horween Oxblood.. Looked really classy on my Junghans max bill . This strap was worn but it still is in good condition. No buckle. Price 36 EUR SOLD

    6, Whiskey Shell Cordovan in 20/20mm. 11+7,3mm long. About 1,8mm thick. Black stitching. 1 floating keeper in Horween Oxblood. Worn but still in good nick. Without buckle. Price is 29 25 15 EUR SOLD

    I will gladly answer any questions, so please dont be afraid to ask Payment is via Paypal with the buyer covering the fees. Postage will be discussed individually.
    Many thanks,

  2. jankoxxx

    jankoxxx Stormtrooper

    no 4 is still available
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