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  1. akg200

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    Basically, PO had been my grail watch for a very long time. Finally, I decided to share some of my other pieces and pull the trigger on one and I'm totally in love with it ... But ...

    I had always admired Speedy but it was never really so interested until I discovered one in a local AD and my god, it was amazing !! Unfortunately, I'm not as lucky as someone who can go out and just get one, so I'm left with the decision to stick to my degrees or shop for Speedy. I have the feeling that if PO would go then there would be something I would regret (some may say I've answered my own question but I can not stop thinking about Speedy)

    I'm the one who gets as excited with packaging as I do about the beauty inside and this is another thing that drives me to Speedy ... The big box especially with extra straps, tools, weight and loupe ... What a piece of art that is !!

    What is people's view on both and why would you choose one over the other?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Airman

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    Be happy with your Planet Ocean and save some money for a speedy. In a couple of years you might have one on the wrist.
    Meantime you have a nice watch.
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  3. Monk

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    Not an easy decision, but i wouldnt focus on the box. Mine is stored in the closet and it just takes up space. It looks good, but not very usefull.
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  4. Diskaren

    Diskaren Silver

    Stick to your Omega PO becuase it's a great piece.
    The market is basically flooded with speedys so if you really want one then just take the time needed saving up for one. No matter how long it takes I'm sure you will think it's worth it in the long run when the day comes and you have both a PO and a speedy in your collection.

    You can get them at a pretty decent price (pre owned), as they don't hold their value like a Rolex for example. So put a way a few pennies every month and when you least expect you will have the cash for your next acquisition. :) :)
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  5. Fixxxer

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  6. FilipF

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    I have tried both a speedy and a PO

    I really liked the speedy. I felt like we would never be apart and the entire world was fine the it was on my wrist.

    But I have had a huge crush on the PO ever since I first saw it back in 2008. When I finally got it, I became a OWG. The Planet Ocean is now a part of me. It’s almost a part of my personality...
    76C3CAF5-85DD-480F-97F5-0E9C69622E02. F8DCC30A-B618-4D96-B6F0-5F95451D98ED.
    I would love owning a speedmaster again, and I probably will but if I had to make a decision: Speedmaster OR PO?
    Ther is absolutely no doubt in my mind.
    I would pick the PO every day of the week.

    In my opinion the PO is just a better watch.

    Good luck and hopefully you don’t need to chose one day!

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