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Avslutad Tissot Navigator Worldtime LE

Diskussion i 'Handla - Säljes, bytes' startad av jankoxxx, 27 april 2016.

Royal Watches Sweden
  1. jankoxxx

    jankoxxx Tantal

    Hey guys :) So I just got this recently after searching for it for quite some time.. I decided to let it go to a new home and I will be looking for a SS version again. Not that the gold plating isnt nice but I guess Im not that dressy dude flashing a watch like this from under my ow so nice business jacket :) Spending much of my time in my workshop a gold plated watch is something I would only wear on special occasions..

    So if you are that dude always on the phone with New York, Sydney and Tokyo doing tough business where timing different time zones is essential then this is the watch for you :pompus: Finding a worldtime watch in this dressy size and at this price range is not that easy.. so somebody might find this a bit of a bargain price eventhough it is 'just' a Tissot.
    This watch is a direct and very well executed re-edition of the old Tissot model from the 60`s i think. It is 36mm in diameter, lovely domed crystal and dial with applied hour markers. The time in other time zones does not need to be calculated as it is directly shown using the revolving disc in the middle of the dial and the 24 hour scale. Crown is signed and WR30. This is a limited edition of 2200 pieces.
    Condition is very good. Only hairline scratches. The crystal is a bit dull from wear (can be easily polished) with only one tiny nick at he 14 hour marker. This is very minor and not disturbing at all. Underside of the watch is in good condition too. No sign of wear to the gold plating.
    Watch will come with 1 brand new Horween Shell Cordovan watch strap fitted to the watch.

    I can make other pictures on demand, unfortunately I didnt have the time to do a proper photo shoot yet.. Any questions regarding this watch, just ask :)
    Sale/trade price is 1200 EUR / 11000 SEK + shipping. I can take a bank transfer or Paypal where we can split the fee. Tradewise Im not sure what I want (except the same watch but without gold plating :) ). Maybe some GMT watch, other worldtimers or just try me, maybe I will bite :) Just nothing too big, plese. Definitely nothing above 42mm in diameter.

    This is a private sale so no returns. Only in case that I have misrepresented the watch in any way.

    Many thanks,

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